My Way of Life


World of Wonders (Claire Leyden, soprano, Karen Schwartz, Piano)

Don’t You Think I Loved You (Claire Leyden, soprano, Karen Schwartz, Piano)

Is She, or Isn’t She (Erin Nafziger, Soprano)

What’s Missing in Me (Deena Eddy, Soprano, Eric Van Tielen, Piano)


My Way of Life

Lyrics by Brian Leahy Doyle

My Way of Life is a musical adaptation of Mrs. Warren’s Profession, which George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1893. Our musical adaptation follows the play’s plot. The central relationship in the play is between Vivie Warren and her mother, Mrs. Warren. Vivie is a modern young woman who has had limited contact with her mother. During the course of the play, Vivie, who has never known her father, discovers that her mother was a prostitute and is the owner of “gentlemen’s hotels” in various European cities. Vivie ends her relationship with her mother for the life she wishes to live.